Based out of Minneapolis, American rock band Diamond Lake is one eclectic outfit that skillfully rides the waves of creativity. The group’s organic sound and soulful stirrings of chorale make their music an unforgettable experience. Comprised of members Jarrod Riddle (guitars, keys, and vocals), Ollie Bauer (drums, programming), and Andy Gruhn (bass/keyboards), Diamond Lake incorporates various elements of Americana, electro-pop, funk, and progressive rock into their musical landscape in order to produce a minimalist sound that is simply phenomenal. Their single Light On is a charming display of the group’s symphonious ingenuity.

Light On is a song from Diamond Lake’s recent EP Changes. The track’s garage-styled instrumentation certainly adds a refreshing and inventive way to maximize the tune’s melody. Everything about Light On puts the listener in the room with Diamond Lake. The tune’s crafty bassline and ambitious drumming are enthralling. Jarrod Riddle provides impressive vocal performance. He has a distinctly warm voice that is an intricate guiding force for this exceptional melody. Light On by Diamond Lake is one groove that is as bright as the horizon. 

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