Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, rapper Prksmiley serves up a full plate of lyricism with his impressive debut single titled Our Year. In recent months, Prksmiley has roamed through rap music’s underworld making a few cameos and building up a following behind what he does best. Our Year is a charming toast and testimony of Prksmiley’s musical genius.

Released by Poor Rich Kidz Records, Our Year starts off with an intro sample of the soul classic Yes, I’m Ready by Barbara Mason, which is followed by a fierce trap beat that is loaded with all the extra trimmings of a towering bassline and complimentary drum pattern. Prksmiley fearlessly dives in on the track. His relentless cadence and descriptive bars keep us imprisoned by the picture of success that he paints upon the minds of his audience.

Aside from the hood bravado, Prksmiley’s lessons of realism come with a fair share of witty punchlines. His intense energy and blunt metaphors walk on the water of rhyme giving listeners an addiction to the rewind key and a pray that Our Year in every year.  Now that’s something to brag about!

Our Year by Prksmiley Available on Apple Music

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