The Missing Frets are an alternative rock band that really outshine the boundaries of genre. Comprised of members Shaun Lovell  (guitar), Bindu Lovell (bass), and Johnny Martin (drums), the group initially formed in South Africa and maintain their cutting-edge sound after their relocation to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Missing Frets have a remarkable sound and a keen sense of originality that is very inspiring, to say the least.

The band’s new 5-song EP Pipe Dreams is a brilliant effort! The Missing Frets demonstrate that musical craftsmanship and meaningful lyricism is the core of their sound. Beginning with its opening track Cartel Sage, Pipe Dreams is a wonderful musical journey that draws upon elements of blues, folk-rock, and soul. In many ways, The Missing Frets’ creative ingenuity is reminiscent of legendary acts like U2, Coldplay, and Band of Skull. Pipe Dreams by The Missing Frets is filled with the nostalgia that makes rock music so special.


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