Known as the chameleon in the Pittsburgh music scene, singer and songwriter John Vento is filled with inspiring creativity that makes any musical experience he is involved in a memorable one. Vento’s passion for song allows him to infuse many of the life lessons he has learned into his artistic craft. Although Vento is portrayed as a ”solo” artist, much of his inventive efforts are propelled by a team of free-spirited collaborators that has inspired some of his best work. John Vento’s new single Rainbows And Lightning certainly demonstrates the brilliant heights of showmanship the songster has achieved.

Rainbows and Lightning is a solid hit. The single reached the Top 20 on iTunes Canada charts, receiving national and international airplay and charting. Rainbows and Lightning is a rhythmic charm from John Vento’s album Love, Lust, & Other Wreckage. The track is a nostalgic fusion of Americana and folk-rock. However, it should be noted that Vento’s musical appeal and eclectic scope of recording are often defined by his ability to draw from various genres, which is generally based on his vibe at the time. Rainbows and Lightning is an exemplified example of this formula.

Vento’s unique voice and colorful lyricism add to the hip groove and warmth of Rainbows and Lightning. The song describes some of the peculiarities of what makes romance works and the thoughts of how to begin anew. Coupled with a really attractive bassline and the positive vibes of acoustic guitar, drums, and some special instrumented guests, Rainbows and Lighting is a winner.



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