Based out of Charlottesville, Virginia, singer, and songwriter Andrew Neil is truly in love with his craft of musicianship. Amazingly, Andrew began writing songs after having suffered from a head injury during a car accident in 2009. Later in 2014, he was hospitalized due to a psychotic episode gone bad and remained in a state hospital for three years until May 2017. During this time, Andrew wrote 70 songs and recorded them onto a battery-powered recorder. Upon his release from the hospital, Andrew had recorded enough material to debut the album entitled “Code Purple-Andrew Neil”. This album has been recognized as the only LP wherein all the songs were recorded in a state hospital.

Andrew Neil’s career continues to evolve in phenomenal ways. His new single Hope is a clever display of the creative genius that he is known to embed in each melodic creation. Hope begins with a delectable groove that is both innovative and enchanting. Andrew is known for making music that is out of the box and Hope is no different. In his description of the literal emotional anticipation of the word, Hope excels as it transcends into a world made for music enthusiasts who have faith that good music will return to its popular climax.


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