Based out of London, songwriter Neil Fitzsimon and the elegant vocalist Bee Brogan are an amazing pop duo with a timeless sound. Together they are known as Fitzsimon and Brogan. The two came together after their previous group Pretty Blue Gun disbanded.

Since forming a songwriting/production partnership, Fitzsimon and Brogan’s music has been featured in film and television. They have also charted high on iTunes. Fitzsimon and Brogan regard themselves as a studio group. A rich display of their artistic intellect is captured in the single One Minute Every Hour.

As a song from their album entitled Big Blue World, Fitzsimon and Brogan’s unique taste for melody shines through this charming offering. Not to be confused with a song of the same title by John Miles, Fitzsimon and Brogan’s One Minute Every Hour is a crafty tune that embodies the crisp elements of folk-rock and acoustic soul for an invigorating taste of chorale. The track is beautifully structured and is a strong testimony of the genius and original measures this duo is able to infuse into their music. Brogan’s voice and tone add to the distinct sound of the group that pop fans will surely treasure. Fitzsimon and Brogan is truly a working phenomenon.

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