If you ever had any doubts about the variables of finding “good music” in today’s world, then consider the four-man band from Pennsylvania named Sawyer is a redeemer of heart-stirring melody and song. Led by the musical charms of Jacob Sawyer, the group has worked together for more than a decade and has blessed audiences across the globe with their sincere interpretation of rock n’ roll crafted with a powerful touch of a post-modern expression of the Motown sound.

Sawyer has just released an incredible live EP titled “Soul City.” The production behind the project is very impressive! Soul City Live is composed of four rhythmically-spirited tracks. Sawyer’s fusion of rock, pop, and soul make this hearty offering all the more of an enchanting journey into music’s adventure land. Each song on Soul City Live forms a dimension of chorale that is distinct, yet remains to be an integral piece in the overall production of the EP.

Soul City Live Track-by-Track Review

You Never Know – Sawyer’s EP-opening track is captivating. It is quite refreshing to hear the group’s organic sound and harmonious vocalization. We are immediately grabbed by the superb vocal performance of Jacob Sawyer and the band. Listening to You Never Know, I am reminded of the impactful legacy of singers like Dion DiMucci, Smokey Robinson, and Frankie Valli.

Down Motown – Released as the first single off this EP, Down Motown is a very invigorating rock tune that is drenched in soul music Sawyer possesses a keen ear for charming rhythms and delivers this intense gem wrapped in the nostalgia of a timeless age. This song is highly energetic and is well accentuated with its tantalizing bassline.

Sleep – Whether you are at a Sawyer’s live show or listening at home to this EP, a standing ovation is in order. The vibrant guitar riffs and bouncing groove is enough to get you up off your feet with this cinematic melody. We really get to appreciate not only what Sawyer has to offer vocally, but the exceptional quality of the instrumentation that runs throughout the entire EP. The track carries overtones of the blues into its musical landscape. The group’s ability to score some great harmonies over a rock driven landscape is truly admirable.

Hey DJ – Following a different method than that of the previous three songs, one which curtails to a taste of the progressive rock genre. Hey DJ provides an excellent conclusion to a perfectly masterful project. The riveting sounds of electric guitar and flaring drums make this upbeat ride a drive along the road to success. Rock purists will enjoy the call and response vocals towards the conclusion of the track as well.

Soul City Live by Sawyer is an exceptional project that demonstrates the beauty of musical showmanship. Sawyer has put forth a work that is not only integral to both rock and soul music but is absolutely transformative in the vibe that it creates. Soul City Live lets us experience the brilliance and rich charisma of Sawyer on stage from the convenience of our own homes. Sawyer’s performance is memorable and something to be cherished by both fans and the world of musical academia. Find out more about Sawyer from the official website at:https://sawyersoulmusic.com

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