Heralded as a leading Renaissance woman of our post-modern era, the lovely singer, songwriter, model, and actress Tanay Jackson returns to the world of pop and r&b music to settle the score with her latest release titled Fabulous. Among Tanay’s many achievements, her work as an independent musical artist still weighs heavy in the hearts of her fans and enthusiasts of the genre worldwide.

Tanay Jackson recently published a promo video for the track that really shows her growth as an artist and is undisputedly one of her best songs to date. Fabulous marks Tanay’s return to the music industry after a four-year hiatus. Over the past few years, independent music’s most-wanted diva had a full plate of modeling, guest tv appearances, including a feature in a Reality TV series. Based on the promo video for Fabulous, Tanay is still filled with beauty and musical charm.




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