Based out of New Orleans, the musically-talented duo known as The Two’s possess a rich and invigorating sound as evidenced in their newest single Lullaby. Comprised of members Ruby Rendrag (guitar, vocals) and Suki Kuehn (Cello), The Two’s are sworn to integral precepts of musical composition and chorale. This creative duo is able to draw elements from various genres and incorporate them into an indie folk-rock landscape.

Lullaby is off of The Two’s latest EP titled Push On. The track has an ear-catchy melody with a dreamy feel made by the clever use of reverb during key parts of the song. Lullaby’s instrumentation is equally intense and seems to reflect upon the theme of a broken romance and how it is much better for the man to continue to walk away than return to his dreams and taunt his former lover with an irritating indecisiveness about his own feelings. Ruby gives an excellent vocal performance. Overall, Lullaby by The Two’s is a masterpiece in the hearts of true music purists.


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