Based out of Greece, the thrilling sounds of guitarist, singer, and songwriter George Blue Galanos are certainly a sight to behold. Galanos brandishes an eclectic musical style that consists of a well-crafted fusion of traditional blues music with elements from classic and progressive rock genres. Galanos’ birthing as a solo artist came after gaining a heap of experience playing with numerous bands and melodic outfits in the years prior.

Back in September of 2018, Galanos released his critically-acclaimed EP titled George Blue Galanos. Comprised of four-tracks, the EP’s rich musical flavor is certainly a full plate for devotees of the fine arts. In fact, the track I’m Dead Inside won the High Commendation in the UK Songwriting Contest. I’m Dead Inside is a charming ear-grabber with a blissful melody and traditional blues song structure. The song offers an excellent taste of Galanos’ signature fusion of the blues with modern rock forms.

Other tracks appearing on the EP like the passionate song Nataly unveils the sonic depths and tears that Galanos puts into every song. Galanos is able to make his guitar cry and his performance as a vocalist is equally timeless. The bluester’s fetish for tantalizing rhythms expressed in a blues construct is evidence throughout the entire EP and can be clearly seen with the remaining selections Indigo and People Just Don’t Give A Damn. It is within this same musical inventiveness that Galanos’ new single The Blues was inspired.

The Blues is the latest single from George Blue Galanos. The song was recorded and mixed at Studio 133 by Michael Skarakis. It was later mastered by VU Productions by Nassos Nomikos. The Blues reveals Galanos evolution as a musician. The track incorporates elements of jazz theory into its composition. It is also delightful to hear the Galanos working with brass instrumentation. Although this downbeat gem seems to express a different side of Galanos’ creative nature, we find the same ingenuity behind the tune with its multiple layers of measures and strums in a masterfully-crafted vehicle of chorale.

The Blues is backed by a host of musical veterans, whose contribution to the track’s instrumentation should not be overlooked and is comprised of George Blue Galanos (guitars, vocals), Sandra Bullet (backing vocals), Delos Bakogeorgos (bass), Stelios Pavlou (drums), “U Need Horns” Brass Ensemble ( Giannis Karaginnakis (trumpet), Chris Alexakis (trombone), and Kostis Vazouras (sax). The Blues is a sonic testimony of George Blue Galanos’ expertise as a musical phenomenon.

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