Artist and spiritualist Trip Morris

Over the past few years, I’ve had the honor of getting to know the work of alchemist, artist, and illustrator Trip Morris. As an artist, Trip Morris gives you an experience that is much like watching Jimi Hendrix with a paint brush. The emergence of “Trippism,” as the viewers’ experience with the art of Trip Morris is so eloquently called, has certainly given rise to a cultural undertone.

Trip Morris was named 2019 Artist of the Year by Warlock Asylum International News. He was also featured in a telling interview not long ago. In the wake of his ambitious strivings, Trip Morris has a created new website where fans of his work can gain a cultural and spiritual overview of Trippism.

The website is one of the best artist websites that I have seen. Trippism puts the visitor into the setting of an art gallery and makes excellent use of a minimalist approach. Visitors can easily access the art and other apparel crafted by Trip Morris himself. On a rating of five stars, Trippism gets 5/5! Visit Trippism today at


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