As an artist, entrepreneur, healer, and spiritualist, Jada Epps is a bubbling fountain of creativity. She often draws upon her personal experiences and unique worldview as a continuous source of inspiration. While still embellished in the days of her youth, Jada is an ‘old soul’ with an equal amount. of wisdom to match her. striking personality.

Originally from Virginia, Jada Epps aka Winkle Bottom has seen her own fair share of ups and downs from an early age.  Yet, her. bright synergy and spirited approach to life have attracted people to her art from around the world. As an artist, both visual and musical, Jada puts her blood, sweat, and tears into everything that she does. Yet in still, creating art for Jada is not divorced from her spiritual practices, which also includes a fervent relationship with the Mexican folk saint Santa Muerte.


Jada is a happy person and seeks to heal and inspire others with her art. She is quick to express the value and importance of communicating and honoring our ancestors in all that we do. Jada’s work as a visual artist is emotionally moving. The detail and attention that Jada gives to every piece of art she designs is one method of how she is able to breathe life into her work. Jada often uses contrasting colors and distinct levels of texture to enchant the viewer. and transmit an essential emotion. Jada’s art has a way of staring back at the viewer. Jada’s work complements her very unique approach to life and embellishes themes of the greater good.

Today, Jada is making history as she is the first person to receive two awards from Warlock Asylum International News in the same year. Her rap song Santa Muerte was selected as the 2021 Rap Music Video of the Year. In the latter part of 2020, Jada spoke with the news page about her faith, life, and loves in this candid interview. Well, It is with great honor that I am happy to announce Jada Epps as the recipient of the Warlock Asylum International News 2021 Artist of the Year Award! Congratulations, and may your future be blessed with prosperity and abundance.



Warlock Asylum International News 2021 Artist of the Year: Jada Epps

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