The enchanting New York City singer and songwriter Deborah Berg returns to the music world with her new EP titled New Road Home. With over thirty years of musical experience, this gifted songstress has had a fulfilling career, which includes having published and written over 50 original and co-written songs. Berg is also proud to be an official Martin Guitar and Sennheiser endorsed artist.

New Road Home is a progressive country music album that possesses a charming and organic musical landscape. Berg puts together some very fine rhythms as can be seen in songs like Muddy Weather and When I Slow Down. Berg’s taste for melody and descriptive lyricism shines through the song and newly-released single You’re Gone. The track has an irresistible groove and a catchy hook. However, what seems to stand out the most about You’re Gone is its crafty instrumentation, which certainly epitomizes much of the New Road Home EP. New Road Home by Deborah Berg is certainly a pathway to success and an abundance of musical gems.

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