Based out of Chicago, the musical genius of singer and songwriter Daniel Cronson has certainly produced some absolutely amazing music. Cronson’s exquisite blend of blues guitar, r&b, and soul gives his music an eclectic sound. Earlier this year, Cronson’s single Grand Visions, which also featured local artist Kehinde reached number #10 on Chicago’s Top 40 BDS HitsYouLove.

Grand Visions has an irresistible groove with a great arrangement and structure. Cronson keeps us enchanted with the brilliant and meticulous charms of the track’s stage piano and sharp baseline. Cronson’s harmonies sink in perfectly with the melodic smorgasbord that affords a spectacular guest appearance by artist Kehinde, whose rap bars and presence drive home the criticalness of Grand Visions’ theme of overcoming the monotony in life by keeping our dreams alive.

Cronson’s newest single titled I Won’t Let You Down is a sterling romantic gem. The song’s rich sonic aroma is a testimony of Daniel Cronson’s inventiveness as a musician. I Won’t Let You Down begins with a smooth keyboard measure and soulful instrumentation. Cronson’s vocal performance is equally compelling. He has a raspy voice that is distinctive and contributes greatly to the originality of his brand.

I Wont Let You Down carries the obvious theme of a man reassuring his lady that he will always be there for her. Cronson is able to speak upon these things in the song’s lyrics, but also in the music. The track’s electric guitar strums add an exotic touch to something magical. Daniel Cronson is putting soul music back on the map with the stunning sounds of I Won’t Let You Down.

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