Rob Georg continues to amaze music lovers with his awesome brand of country rock. The German singer and songwriter draped in Nashville attire has just released a new song titled Time For Some Ink. In recent years, Rob Georg stands as one of the few country music artists to release quality music in a timely manner. After the success of his singles Dust and Ghost, Rob Georg takes us into another dimension with Time For Some Ink.

As a country music innovator, everything about Rob Georg is on another level when it comes to this beloved genre, especially the themes of his songs. Most country music songs are narratives that encompass domestic issues. Georg’s music taps into our personal experiences for better or worse. Time For Some Ink is a clear cut record about the love of tattoos. The song is as honest as they come and captures Georg’s signature “melodic ruggedness” that we all admire.

Time For Some Ink begins with a blazing electric guitar strum that sets up room for Georg’s awesome vocal performance. Rob Georg has an exceptional voice that perfectly straddles his riveting sound. The song’s instrumentation is bigger than life and puts the listener into another world. Amazingly, Time For Some Ink continues Rob Georg’s legacy of making music that makes our simple life experiences so special. The video for the song follows a storybook pattern and is enjoyable to watch.

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