Alternative Music

The Farmer by Luke Spehar

Born and raised in Minnesota, singer and songwriter Luke Spehar is a fine example of how the gift of music can be used as a tool of inspiration for all who have faith in God. Spehar’s affinity with music began early in his youth. Before graduating high school, Spehar had composed all the music for what would become his debut album Be Still. After attending the University of St. Thomas where he studied Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology, Spehar earned a reputation as a Catholic recording artist. He has traveled nationwide and globally in the cause of musical evangelism.  The Farmer isSpehar’s newest single off of the album The Pilgrim and a melodic testimony of his musical genius.

The Farmer by Luke Spehar is a beautiful song that courts acoustic, Americana, country, folk, and pop music genres. The track really demonstrates the exceptional quality of Spehar’s talent as a songwriter. The Farmer has an energy that is reminiscent of John Denver’s Thank God I’m A Country Boy. The Farmer carries an appreciative theme about love for God and country. Luke Spehar has definitely put together a winner with The Farmer.

Luke Spehar’s Website


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