Australian songstress Izellah steps to the forefront of the music world with an invigorating sound and eclectic vibe. Her new single entitled Where Nobody Knows Me is sure to rekindle your love for soulful grooves and raw talent. As an aspiring rising star, the gifted Izellah has a beautiful voice, a terrific actress, and a hard work ethic. If there is anyone that has received the baton and is off and running with full pop diva credentials, then it would certainly be Izellah.

Produced and recorded in Los Angeles, Where Nobody Knows Me is a refreshing song that begins with the attractive strums of acoustic guitar and voice. The track’s bright pop melody and minimalist instrumentation allow Izellah’s voice to act as a shining star of rhythm and chorale.  Where Nobody Knows Me carries the flavorful theme of being able to be yourself when no one is around. The song has a strong hook that is memorable due to Izallah’s relentless charisma and charm. Where Nobody Knows Me is one tune that has certainly carved a path for Izellah to become a household name.

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