Based out of Los Angeles, Renaissance man and multi-talented artist Danjul explodes back onto the music scene with a new single entitled Eyes On You. Danjul is an exceptional singer and songwriter whose stirring performance and presence are suited in the path of such legendary artists as Prince and Michael Jackson. Back in 2018, I had the blessed honor of reviewing his album Origin Of Times and can personally attest to the intensity of Danjul’s creativity alongside producer Matthew Nelson.

Eyes On You is another step in building the legacy of Danjul’s catalog. This melodic offering fits hand in hand with music lovers who enjoy soulful grooves and electronic dance music. Eyes On You captures our hearts and ears with its fusion of a pop music landscape and elements of electronic dance. The instrumentation is a charming sophisticated blend of synth and organic strums. This melting pot of sound culminates into a podium that hosts Danjul’s spectacular voice in song. His harmonizations and tone are highly-impressive and deserve the utmost accolades. Eyes On You will have you staring at Danjul’s music in admiration and awe! 

Eyes on You (Now on iTunes)

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