The Jolly Pops are a children’s music and entertainment outfit that is the brainchild of musician and instructor Billy Hartong aka “Mr. Billy”. The Jolly Pops take part in fun and educational programs for children that range from preschool to elementary ages. The Jolly Pops are able to create some brilliant sounds with themes that encompass a youthful perspective. One of their latest offerings entitled I Want A Puppy is certainly a song that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.

I Want A Puppy explores the obvious subject and desire that most children have for a pet dog. Musically, the song has an excelling guitar-laden rock groove that is purely irresistible. I Want A Puppy also has a cool YouTube video. The Jolly Pops invited Secondhand Hounds to bring some dogs down for the video shoot. I Want A Puppy is a winner and a fine effort by The Jolly Pops.



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