Originally from South London, aspiring rap artist Suave brings new life to the genre with an original dose of lyricism and international swag. Suave’s passion for music can be felt by the messages he employs in his songs. As a rap artist, Suave’s cadence and style range from mumble to 90’s realism. His latest offering titled Going Nowhere is a perfect expression of the versatility he is able to express as an artist.

Going Nowhere is a thrifty expression and venture by Suave into the world of mumble rap, coupled with his own little twist. Musically, the track draws from elements of trap and r&b music. Produced by Foreign, Going Nowhere is a charming bass-driven groove that puts you in the mood for riding through life’s scenery. Suave narrates many of his successes that are clearly seen in the music video for the song. Fueled by his relentless ambition, Going Nowhere means the skies the limit for Suave.




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