Led by the musical charms of award-winning singer and songwriter Kevin Gullickson, the alternative pop-rock band known as Radio Drive has released a new EP titled One Breath Away. The new project sparkles with refreshing newness and vibrant melody. Published by 12 Story Records, One Breath Away is an exciting melodic journey that is comprised of four sensational tracks.

One Breath Away is a treasure chest of stirring themes and crisp instrumentation. The EP flourishes with retro grooves and soulful vocal performances by Kevin Gullickson. One Breath Away opens with an acoustic gem titled I Believe I Believe. The song’s heartwarming rhythm and catchy hook that describes the perks of romanticism is a great way to start this rhythmic journey.

After setting the tone with a great opening song, Radio Drive display brilliant continuity with tracks Moment by Moment and Be Yourself Tonight. The work concludes with another memorizing performance called Don’t You Know. Radio Drive have put forth a lovely masterpiece that is upbeat and reveals the group’s distinct ambitions and talents. Great music!


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