Based out of Chicago, Illinois, the tantalizing grooves of the EDM outfit known as Oh Well are certainly an earshot to behold. The group’s debut EP is a very progressive demonstration of Oh Well’s creative process, which is filled with deep basslines, hard drum sounds, synths, and strings that are layered in patterns unimagined. Oh Well’s debut EP is comprised of three cinematic tracks that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Below is an overview of the Forging A False Reality EP.

Questioning Sanity– A very inventive and hypnotic groove that incorporates elements of industrial music into its landscape. The track has a catchy beat. The vocals on this selection are exceptional and work well with the melody by reiterating the track’s theme with a heavy dose of sarcastic lyricism.

Forging A False Reality – The title track opens with a tempting keyboard measure and hard-hitting beat that are sure to keep the listener enchanted with the avant-garde soundscape that Oh Well has to offer. Forging A False Reality broadens its appeal with raw harmonies and a deep swelling bassline. An instant favorite for sure!

Falling for You – The concluding composition is a delightfully bright melody that makes the listener feel as if the are walking upon a treadmill called the world. Falling for You, as evident from its title, is a romantic charm spelled out in the rhythms of electronica.

Forging A False Reality is an outstanding project and wonderfully expands upon the innovative frontier that is often associated with the world of electronic music. Oh Well have demonstrated the strength and continuity of their creative genius with this EP. Forging A False Reality by Oh Well is something that will definitely keep you on your feet.


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