Based out of Florida, the multi-talented singer and songwriter Rob Alexander stirs up an immaculate offering with his new album Long Road Coming Home. Rob Alexander has a lifelong relationship with music and holds a career as a physician anesthesiologist (M.D.). Recently, he was inspired to start recording his ideas and had the opportunity to work with producer/multi-instrumentalist Gabe Lopez on the project. Long Road Coming Home is comprised of twelve highly-crafted pop tunes that possess a strong organic feel. The album has a lot of depth and attitude. It stands as one of the finest collections of music to date.

Long Road Coming Home Track-by-Track Review

Back to the Radio – A perfect way to set the mood for what proves to be a masterful work. The track has a crafty melody that is draped in acoustic instrumentation. The harmonies and lead vocals are incredibly warm. This upbeat tune is a wonderful melodic gem.

Long Road Coming Home – Rob changes the pace on this contemplative track that is equally cerebral as it is heartwarming. Musically, we find the Long Road Coming Home totes some powerful percussion and has a really cool break.

Better Than That – A delightful song that touches the heart. The bass lays in front of the track with an orchestrated hook. The song is also filled with a subtle guitar swell and strings.

All That’s Mine’s Is Yours – A beautiful love ballad by Rob that really touches the soul. In this track, we find the piano being the prominent instrument. Rob’s performance in song is superb!

We Don’t Have To Say Goodbye – A great song with a funky groove. The music is quite tempting and has a warm rhythm The electric guitars and brass section proves to be big aids in creating a great musical experience.

When I’m Gone (For George Michael) – A very intense musical composition that fulfills the true meaning of compassion. The music is eloquently layered and led primarily by piano and accompanying strings.

You Wanted It This Way – A great song with an irresistible bassline. Rob Alexander provides an amazing, yet very soulful vocal.

Trickle Down – The track infuses elements from the folk-rock genre into its scheme. Rob Alexander is able to use this crafty melody as a podium of a deep artistic chorale.

Good Love Does It – A great title for this epic song with an enthralling message. The track has a fantastic interlude that features an awesome piano lead.

You’re Not Alone – Growing old together never sounded so good. The musical dialogue between the acoustic guitar and jazz guitar is riveting, to say the least.

Because of You – Rob Alexander serves up another ballad that is somewhat reminiscent in structure to material by Elton John and The Eagles. Rob Alexander’s melodic stride peaks with its own sense of originality and luster. Because of You is filled with inspirational piano measures and strings.

Never Felt Like This – Rob Alexander concludes this musical journey with the festive Never Felt Like This. It’s a great song that draws upon its own r&b leanings.

Long Road Coming Home by Rob Alexander is a nostalgic masterpiece! This is a sonic journey that is able to reach into the core of the human family’s soul with a musical campaign of organic instrumentation and harmonies. Although Rob Alexander’s music transcends the normal confines of genre, music enthusiasts who enjoy the delights of classic rock and 70’s bluegrass scene will find this album to be the ultimate heartwarmer.

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