The Florida-based Americana composer and musician Rob Alexander returns to the music world with a new and invigorating album titled Dream Out Loud. As a true Renaissance man of the post-modern era, Alexander enjoys a working career as a physician anesthesiologist amid his musical endeavors. After delivering two unique and praise-worthy albums, Long Road Coming Home (2018) and Being Myself (2019), Alexander has captured our hearts once again with a masterpiece for pop music lovers titled Dream Out Loud.

Dream Out Loud is an album that will have you screaming in excitement and gratitude for the level of artistry expressed in this wonderful effort. Produced by Gabe Lopez, this 13-track album also features members of Elton John’s current band. The work put into the album’s material, production, and post-production is unprecedented. Dream Out Loud carries many concepts in its layers, including an unfolding story, a concept of self-discovery. The album is set for release on February 5th, 2021. This is certainly an exciting moment in musical history.

Dream Out Loud – Track by Track Review

Yesterday’s News – A brilliant track and the gate to a tremendous collection of music. The track opens up with a bright rhythm that is totally irresistible. Fans of Rob Alexander can sense the tremendous artistic growth and a whole new sense of heart-capturing warmth instilled in this album’s production. This fierce groove is an upbeat charmer, perfectly accentuated with a riveting bassline and a hazy taste of synth. Alexander’s vocal presentation is sharp and carries the tune with vigor.

Dream Out Loud – Moving into the title track of the album, we are met with an opening guitar riff that expresses an ingenuity akin to Dr. Robert by The Beatles. Rob Alexander’s inventiveness unveils its continuity with his exquisite taste for various percussive sounds and backing harmonies. The tune’s catchy hook sinks into the track with hypnotic comfort.  Dream Out Loud shines through an equal fusion of live instrumentation and digital compliments that give the production a larger-than-life presence.

Instant Sex – The motion of an exotic drum pattern and funky bassline make for a daring composition about the passions of lovemaking. Different than many of the songs that approach this topic with gimmicks and shock value, Alexander keeps it classy and honors sex’s natural function and premise, the diaries of one-night stands, with the coined term “instant sex”.

A Song To Get Us Through – A beautiful tune of pop-rock solitude that truly pierces the heart. As the album’s premiere single, this melodic sentiment is shared with the acoustic hospitality of an opening piano solo and voice. The romanticism expressed in the song forms its structure, as we soon find a gradual build-up of instrumentation and the soothing touch of classic guitar and Alexander’s stirring performance so endearing.

Nothing To Be Afraid of Now – A perfect track for the times. Rob Alexander’s opening lines reveal the wittiness that permeates throughout the album’s lyricism. A groovy brass section over a strong rock beat and excelling prose about social distancing in a fearless manner, along with other themes of reinvention through these times of uncertainty, make this track a rocketship of inspiration. The song has an unwinding structure that is naturally-woven into a melody that holds our attention with breaks and transitions that brandish the band’s creativity. One of Dream Out Loud’s musical jewels indeed.

Love Will Find You – Rob Alexander’s poetic charms in this stellar ballad about romance and love evade our minds with his striking fearlessness on the subject. Refreshingly, he covers the complications that come with love, but not from a scorned perspective. This timelessness is further enhanced by an array of traditional Latin drum sounds, which include the conga and bongo. Backing strings and soft claps imbue Rob Alexander’s particular taste in the exotic but also his impeccable work as a composer.

Olivia – Another upbeat gem where Rob Alexander demonstrates his impressive vocal range. The song’s opening section of synth brass immediately captures our attention and smoothly transitions into a steady groove that provides Alexander with an appropriate platform to allow his vocals to dance upon the rhythms of the song in exemplary fashion.

Angel and Johnny –  An eclectic tune that draws its sound from several genres and an exotic array of instruments, including the song’s incorporation of the Indian dilruba into its scheme. The track projects a play with an intriguing sense of innocence that recalls some of the beauty of the past, but also how some people are stranded by uncertainty.

Hot Potato – Rob Alexander adds a bit of fun to this musical journey with Hot Potato. It’s an easy groove and its placement in the album calls for further appreciation of the song, due to its unique and traditional structure, which strongly resembles rock music’s classic era. The track opens with harmonies before the music drops, ultimately leading to a unique rhythm that proves to be nostalgic.

Look Out Below – A really funky and soulful song that is sure to grab you by the ear. We find Alexander’s storyline vocals and proverbial lyricism utterly profound as it touches upon spirituality without the preachiness of religious thought. Bravo!

La Flambeau – Titled by a term that means “burning torch,” La Flambeau adds to the diversity of Dream Out Loud with its innovative fusion of Latin rock. The song’s execution is brilliant! Rob Alexander calls for some simple rules that can be applied to different facets of life, which add greatly to the mystique of the track. Truly an impressive effort.

Kings and Queens – Another winner that possesses a synergy reminiscent of some of Elton John’s early themes. The song is a pop hummer that seduces the listener with its flamboyance and its festive call for celebration of our own being – a very unique concept indeed.

Game Over – Rob Alexander concludes this classic work with an undying offering that is absolutely stunning. Collectively, Dream Out Loud’s success is warranted for its soothing and natural movements while incorporating elements from several genres into its gnosis. Game Over captures this formula in a way that puts Dream Out Loud in the clouds. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil this listening surprise, but will assure you of the track’s magnificence.

Dream Out Loud is one of the best albums of the year and should reap an abundance of worthy praises. Rob Alexander’s artistic growth is not only an inspiration for other artists but for all who share in life itself. He has effectively captured the promise of a post-pandemic society and the artistic strides this will mean for the future. Dream Out Loud by Rob Alexander is a masterpiece for the ages and a remarkable contribution to the world of music.


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