Florida-based singer and songwriter Rob Alexander turns up the creative volume once again with his new album Being Myself. Rob Alexander’s blend of Americana, folk, and electro-pop gives this album an air of sophistication and intrigue that makes work a remarkable effort.

I had the honor of reviewing Rob Alexander’s epic album titled Long Road Coming Home, which was released in February of 2018. Usually, when a musical artist releases projects in a short time span, we find the music to be a run-on of their previous work. However, in this case, Being Myself is a nostalgic and distinct collection of songs that reveals the never-ending aspirations and talents of his maestro. Rob Alexander fortifies this eclectic journey with fifteen original pieces that serve as a lens of focus between life and the artist that resonates with us all.

Being Myself Track-By-Track Review

This Hollywood Road: An exhilarating start to Being Myself, Rob Alexander sets the tone for the musical journey ahead with this retro-pop tune that is sure to grab the listener’s attention. The track is well-orchestrated and has a lovely rhythm guitar lead. The music is tightly woven for an enthralling melody and Rob Alexander’s vocal performance sounds as warm as a rubber sole, something exceptionally appropriate for the track.

Being Myself: Alexander’s genius comes to the forefront with this marvelous song. The track carries a remarkable sense of originality and prose. Alexander’s sharp and witty lyrics compare life in this world to being on trial for Being Myself. The music is filled out by strings and synths over a traditional pop music terrain.

We Own This Town Tonight: This moving track is certainly in stride with building up the album’s continuity and unveils Rob Alexander’s gift as a songwriter. Another tremendous vocal performance with effective overdubs.

Life As We Know It: Opening with hints of an exotic chorale, Rob Alexander charms listeners with an easy-going gem. The piano chords and stirring bassline make this sonic recipe irresistible.

Never Gonna Let You Go: This amazing “slow jam” is a masterpiece and certainly one of the highlights of the album. Appropriately, it is the first single off the album.  Rob Alexander incorporates elements of jazz with a touch of brass sprinkled along the course of this scrumptious groove. Rob Alexander’s picturesque lyricism is the luxury vehicle that transports his audience to introspective scenes of appreciation and romance.

Friend Of Mine (Elton’s Epic): another moving selection that possesses strong cinematic appeal. Alexander provides an invigorating vocal performance over this flamenco rhythm for a musical theme that is truly memorable.

Our Love Will Last Forever: Alexander continues to add tremendous depth to this legendary musical journey with evolving themes of love as seen in Our Love Will Last Forever. The song opens up the listener to a new and refreshing musical world embodied in its amazing acoustic guitar lead.

We’re Living In A Dream: Musically, this is a fun tune with brilliant piano measures and a 70’s rock cosmology. The bright essence of We’re Living In A Dream is further enhanced by Rob Alexander’s soulful harmonies and tangible hook.

Fed Up: Amazingly, Rob Alexander keeps up an acoustic consistency meshed with an unorthodox melody that gives the title credence.

American Love Song: Presented in the sonic aesthetics of Americana, American Love Song brings to surface a traditional pop music template that calls for reflection and inspiration.

I-O-U: Rob Alexander is no stranger to laying down funky grooves and I-O-U is a testimony to his work in this regard. The song makes use of a captivating rhythm guitar and edgy bassline.

Another Love Affair: The track’s distinct acoustic guitar lead and thumping drums keep listeners on the edge of their seats and salivating over where the music will take us next.

Kaden: A tempting selection with a terrific and unique soundscape. The groove has a stirring appeal and intense drumming.

Secrets & Lies: Great title for a tremendous song that possesses a great hook. Secrets & Lies radiates an atmosphere of 80’s electro-pop music. This song is another gem.

Loved By You: Rob Alexander concludes the album with a true musical classic titled Loved By You. The song is inventive and covers the topic of making love new again. The backing guitar adds the right amount of haziness to leave Alexander’s audience feeling.

Being Myself is a masterful work that has something for everyone. Rob Alexander continues to fascinate audiences with fresh new musical perspectives that endear valued principles of the genre in both musical execution and structure. Being Myself expresses cerebral freedom and emotional gratitude that comes with the beauty of musical maturity. Rob Alexander lays down some heart-piercing harmonics with a soundtrack that unfolds like an autobiography of soul. That being said, you couldn’t ask for anything more than for this musical veteran to just be himself, a work of art that is truly a lesson for everyone.

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