Based out of Louisville, Kentucky, the natural-born lyricist Ko-Ko Slugga is an emerging hip-hop artist with an unprecedented zeal for bars. Inspired by rap legends like Tupac Shakur, Nikki Minaj, and B2K to name a few, hip-hop’s new heroine fell in love with rap music at an early age. Ko-Ko Slugga started writing rhymes as a way of dealing with her anger. Fueled by the music of Tupac, who was loved both by her parents and grandparents, Ko-Ko Slugga soon learned how to transform her struggles into prose and verse.

Ko-Ko Slugga has been able to exert her competitive swag in such activities as bikini boxing, poetry contests, and high school basketball, wherein she was able to rise to the top, even receiving awards for some of her writing. It is with this same ambition that we find Ko-Ko Slugga spitting some of the finest verses behind the mic. Ko-Ko Slugga is definitely one rapper that you want to keep your eyes on.


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