Coined as “The First Lady of Soul,” singer, and songwriter Janet LaBelle shines upon the music world once again with a crafty new EP titled Suddenly. Over the past few years, this ambitious songstress has created an incredible catalog of original music that is a culminating fusion of Americana, blues, folk, pop, rock, and soul music genres. The craftiness of Janet’s songwriting ability is easily seen in the warmth that emulates from her work. In 2020, Janet’s song “When I Hear (Beautiful Music)” was named 2020 Song of the Year! Janet LaBelle’s talent has become a source of influence for artists like Suzy Connelly, The HaveNots, and a global movement of organic music lovers.

Released on Wild Violet Records, Suddenly is comprised of three alluring tracks. The EP opens with a soulful tune called Don’t Take Me Back. The track is emotionally electrifying with a hopeful rhythm. Janet’s vocal performance takes the song to another level, as her brand of chorale is a golden chord for this lovely ballad.

Suddenly, the EP’s title track follows Don’t Take Me Back. It’s a hand-in-glove charmer and heralds a new era in Janet’s musical career. Two versions of Suddenly appear on the EP. The first version features Janet LaBelle on vocals, drums, percussion, mellotron, piano, and a backing band that consists of Scott Bassman (bass, acoustic guitar) and Tony Maimone (electric guitar). Janet’s addition of the mellotron gives this version of Suddenly a dreamy and nostalgic edge while maintaining the organic crispness of her sound – great song!

The concluding track is an alternative version of Suddenly, comprised of Janet on piano. It is within the alternate version of Suddenly that we really get to hear the complexity of the said composition and the layers that the title encompasses. Janet wonderfully expresses these arrangements in a way that almost appears to be miraculous. Suddenly is successful in extending the legacy and ingenuity of the highly talented Janet LaBelle.