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As a powerhouse of inspiration, love, and ambition, Renaissance woman Chi Vital is living proof that the reality of dreams is worth living. Chi Vital’s unprecedented passion for the healing arts and personal evolution has resulted in the formation of her company Fluid Life, which is a garden of therapeutic massage. Recently, I had the honor of conversing with Ms. Vital about her approach to life and the philosophy that has embraced, which spells success. I sure you will find much wisdom in her words. Enjoy!

(Photo by Cheriss May)

Warlock Asylum: Greetings Sister! I am so happy that we finally got a chance to commune. I wanted to express my deepest thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions and share some of your wisdom. Please begin by introducing yourself. Who is Chi Vital? 

Chi Vital: Peace, the pleasure is all mine. Chi Vital is a Divine attribute of Chiriqui who surfaced during my training in massage therapy nine years ago due to my desire to start my life over and give a name to the powerful being I was becoming aware of within myself. She’s the gifted one who creates a way when there is no way, using Love as a medium for transformation in her life and the lives of many others.

Warlock Asylum: Tell us about your beginnings. How was life growing up?

Chi Vital: I have so many beginnings and I’m still growing up. I sprouted from my mother’s womb in Kingston, Jamaica and developed in the heart of Flatbush in Brooklyn, NY during a high time of Roots and Reggae culture where Activists were vigilant about feeding the youth food for thought, a strong sense of self, and physical fortitude. Man, I had a tough life of excellence. I was consistently held to the standard “To whom much is given, much is required” and “Save A Nation” EVERYDAY. Nothing was ever just about me, yet everything was about me. 

Warlock Asylum: What sparked your interest in the healing arts? 

Chi Vital: I’ve been living the healing arts my whole life really. My extensive dance training, performing arts, household, formal education and Rites of Passage all revolved around healing. 

Warlock Asylum: Today, you are widely known for your work as a mentor, massage therapist, and entrepreneur. What were some of the obstacles that you had to overcome in order to be the Chi Vital that we know in this day and time? 

Chi Vital: There’s only ever one obstacle in my life. That obstacle would be me. No one or anything is more powerful than I am over my life. 

Warlock Asylum: How did your love for healing and spiritual things, in general, affect your relationships with friends and family?

Chi Vital: It’s made life a movie worth watching.

Warlock Asylum: How did Fluid Life come into existence? I know this must have been an exciting time for you. 

Chi Vital: Funny enough, it was an exciting time. My mother transcended unexpectedly. I thought God was just as confused about what It wanted as me. I was pregnant with my daughter, and I decided that life didn’t need to be so stupid and complicated. I woke up one morning with a clear vision of creating a very real and sacred place where someone shedding one life for another on their spiritual and healing journey could find themselves surrounded by immense support, credible tools, and practitioners that could translate all this mystical stuff into the language of the people. Fluid Life came into existence as soon as I refused to accept everyone else’s fear of my life’s adventure. I broke so many chains deciding to give birth in Jamaica. The rest is history.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the services offered by Fluid Life and in what ways will customers find the experience unique? 

Chi Vital: Fluid Life Global offers wholistic bodywork, ceremonial journey work, self-development classes, and customized life strategy consultations. Each session is a co-creation. There’s no healing in my art if the person receiving it is not in a willing partnership with the energy being transferred. I put all of my clients in the driver’s seat. 

Warlock Asylum: How does your work in the healing arts complement your spiritual path? 

Chi Vital: They are never separate. I exist as a healing presence on my spiritual journey.

Warlock Asylum: What are some of the lessons in life that you have learned since embarking on your path? 

Chi Vital: You can never satisfy anyone who wants what you’re not willing to give. Many times, it’s my “power”. My real power is Love, but if one cannot understand that, they’ll continue to seek the power their ego sees in me and fail every time. I cannot be broken because all of my parts are whole.

Warlock Asylum: Where can we expect to see Chi Vital five years from now? Any final thoughts? 

Chi Vital: Connecting dots and building bridges. “Stars twinkle even as the sun monopolizes your vision…”- Rest in Power, Ibae Tonu Faybiene Miranda

Thank you so much for unveiling a glimpse of your life’s work our readers. On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude, wishing you all the best in all your endeavors.
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