Hard rock musician and Texas native Brittan Church possesses a signature musical style and sound that is sure to charm even the most critical rock music enthusiasts. His new song Dirty Little Thing is sure to turn some heads this year. Comprised of members, Brittan Church (singer, lead guitar), Tanner Ferrell (guitar), Damon Cannon (drummer), and Kolton Lambert (bass), Brittan Church has put together a unique outfit that opens up a new world of thriving rock music to his audience.

Dirty Little This is a hard rock smorgasbord of heavy guitar play and a rugged melody that is backed by a fierce driving beat. Church’s vocals find a lucid space riding over this perfect landing strip. The track is a figurative metaphor of a promiscuous woman and the free-spiritedness of rock music. Dirty Little Thing is a solid offering from Brittan Church that includes all the musical elements to get the party started and create a cult following.


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