From the streets of Birmingham, Alabama emerges one of the most progressive rap artists of our time. Kiah Cargill aka Kiyahotpeppa has been involved with the music industry for over ten years. Kiyahotpeppa has cultivated and perfected a unique style that fuses hardcore beats with Southern-accented lyricism. He has won several awards and worked with well-known artists like Scarface, Shawty Lo, Pastor Troy, and Eightball to name a few.

One of the driving forces that keep Kiyahotpeppa’s inspiration at such a high level is his desire to put Alabama on the map in terms of rap music. As a missionary of this new frontier, Kiyahotpeppa is keeping Alabama lit with two hot singles, Started With Nothing, which features Rick Ross and On Fire featuring Lil Wayne. Kiyahotpeppa is en route to becoming a household name and answering the prayers of many rap enthusiasts looking for something original that creeps like a glance into the windowpane of reality. Kiyahotpeppa has got the green light for success!

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