Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, musician, rap artist, singer, and songwriter Briceson Lamar Lee aka LeeSon Bryce is an overflowing fountain of creative intellect. Bryce grew up in a loving household under the tutelage of churchgoing parents. Although he often describes his nature as being shy, Bryce’s musical expression is electrifying. During his grade school years, Bryce was one of the few African American youths in attendance at his hometown junior high and high school classes, where he experienced bullying and racial ridicule. Many of his childhood and adolescent reflections and struggles form a large part of the themes that Bryce implements into his music today.

Since 2017, Bryce began to focus on music more seriously after performing on stage in front of an audience of 3,000 or more people. His alternative rap music sound unveils another dimension of hood artistry. In a very short time, Bryce has built up an impressive musical catalog that includes a remarkable album titled The Proelium (2017) and his more recent EP Luv Is A Throwaway (2020), along with a few notable singles. Bryce finds inspiration from musical influences existing in both rap and rock genres, which includes the likes of Eminem, Slipknot, Chimera, Nipsey Hussle, and XXXtentacion to name a few. His music has a distinct urban avant-garde sound that is refreshing and equally inspiring. LeeSon Bryce is not only making a difference in the rap game but in helping others learn how to be themselves. Salute!




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