Hats off to the extraordinary bluegrass and country-folk singer and songwriter Paul Haas. Originally from California, Haas’ musical debut follows an incredible story of a man who worked in the trucking industry. As a single parent, Haas wrote songs for over 35 years at his bedside before releasing his first recording in 2019. Today at 65 years of age, Haas has an incredible new album called Long Long Time that is filled with an inventive genius that leaves his audience thirsty for more. His newest single titled She Told Me is a testimony to Haas’ veteranship as a musician.

She Told Me is a catchy tune that immediately grabs the listener’s attention with its rich melody and warm soundscape. Haas puts forth a winner that imbues his sonic countenance and musical integrity. Acoustic guitar strums and streams of fiddle liven the track’s appeal, especially for devotees of bluegrass and folk. Haas adds a fabulous vocal performance filled with a cinematic dreaminess that keeps us in the room with. You can’t go wrong with She Told Me by Paul Haas.

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