After the successful release of their recent single La Tormenta, the Puerto Rican alternative rock band CIRCO return to the music scene with their phenomenal album titled Adiós Hola. The new album comes after CIRCO took a 13-year hiatus from the music scene. Amazingly, the group’s sound remains consistent with their evolutionary plight as seen in previous recordings.  CIRCO has been nominated to the Latin Grammys six times with their previous three albums, including Best New Artist.

Adiós Hola is CIRCO’s fourth album. It is comprised of ten tracks and was recorded amidst earthquakes in Puerto Rico and a global pandemic. The band’s front man, Fofé, describes the album as: “It is a mystic journey inspired by drastic changes, unexpected separations, inevitable moves and the nostalgia inspired by missing our loved ones who are no longer there. It is an astral journey to meet with long distance loves, and the story of migrating to start from nothing. “Adiós Hola” talks about the hope of new beginnings and presents the act of breaking with the routine of a relationship which was once thought of unbreakable as something positive and worth celebrating. It celebrates the lucky streaks, new experiences and shared intimacies.”

CIRCO unleashes an eclectic synergy throughout Adiós Hola that is delightful, introspective, and enchanting. The album has a crisp and organic sound that remains consistent with the project’s incredible continuity. Adiós Hola by CIRCO is truly a masterpiece.


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