Recently, I had the pleasure of learning about the work of filmmaker Muhammad Salman Aslam. Based out of Lahore, Pakistan, Aslam’s artistry behind the camera is truly amazing and a most stirring example of what we can accomplish when our life’s focus is in tune with our aims. I am sure you will find his approach to life and work one of great inspiration. Enjoy!


Warlock Asylum: It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to hear about your amazing career and insights on life. However, before we begin it is our custom that you introduce yourself to our readers. In your own words who is Muhammad Salman Aslam?

Muhammad Salman Aslam: Thank You! I’m just a normal guy who loves watching and making films and dreams of making it big.

Warlock Asylum: What was life like for you growing up?

Muhammad Salman Aslam: I had a very simple yet colorful childhood. I was raised in a very tolerant and receptive family. My dad passed away when I was a kid. My mom, as a single mother, single-handedly raised me. She always supported and motivated me in following my passion and everything else. I studied sciences until high school and then got admitted into a film school.

Warlock Asylum: How did you get involved in film and what are some of the factors that led to it becoming one of your primary passions in life?

Muhammad Salman Aslam: To be honest, as a kid I never watched cartoons. I always tuned into the movie channels on television (I know it’s strange). I just loved action movies from a very early age. I loved the way they grab you and pull you into their world.

In my childhood, I used to make videos with my dad’s VHS camcorder, and then the camera phones came. At that time, the 2 megapixels camera was the biggest treat for me. I learned so much about shooting and editing through it.

In the beginning, filmmaking, or more specifically, shooting videos was just a hobby for me. Later, it became a passion and grew to the point where I decided to make it my full-time career for life.

(Nida) Highlights of Muhammad Salman Aslam ‘s Work

Warlock Asylum: What were some of the challenges that you had to overcome in order to make your life as a filmmaker possible?

Muhammad Salman Aslam: I belong to a society where filmmaking is not even considered an “art” and the dismantled film industry makes it even more difficult to answer when someone questions “why make films?”.

Since there’s no proper state-recognized film industry and it’s really difficult to build a successful career in the film industry here. So, the only option was independent filmmaking- all on our own. Trying to find that little opportunity to put my foot in the door was the biggest challenge for me.

Warlock Asylum: What other aspects of the film world have you explored since picking up the camera?

Muhammad Salman Aslam: Right after I dived into the world of filmmaking, I learned that making a film is not a piece of cake. It demands patience, resources, dedication, and most importantly film is a collaborative art. You need a team of competent people who are best at what they do and you need to work as a team to tell stories visually. That’s the beauty of cinema, indeed!

Warlock Asylum: In what ways do you find your work in cinematography distinct from your role as a filmmaker?

Muhammad Salman Aslam: I love filmmaking as a whole, but I’m the happiest when I have the camera on my shoulder. I just love the process of capturing life through a lens- creating images that make people think. Capturing the visuals through a lens to tell a narrative is a completely different & most gratifying experience for me.

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Warlock Asylum: Can you share with us some details about your work with the Cinemalife collective?

Muhammad Salman Aslam: I’ve recently joined Cinemalife as a film judge. It’s great to watch amazing films from around the world. It has made it possible for me to communicate with amazing filmmakers from around the world and provided me with the opportunity to learn more about the art of filmmaking.

Warlock Asylum: Where do you see Muhammad Salman Aslam in the next five years? Any final thoughts?

Muhammad Salman Aslam: These days I’m writing my first feature film. Meanwhile, I’m also collaborating with other filmmakers on their projects and open to client work. I see myself as a better filmmaker and a human being in the next five years. InshaAllah!

*I would like to thank Muhammad Salman Aslam again for his participation and time. On behalf of Warlock Asylum International News, we wish you all the best in your earthly and spiritual endeavors. Readers can keep abreast with the latest updates on Muhammad Salman Aslam by visiting his social media sites:


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