Straight out of Roxbury, Massachusetts, the inventive charms of poet and rap artist Najee Janey come to life in the highly innovative 1-track EP titled As Is. Najee has an incredible passion for rap music and lyricism. He grew up under various musical influences and in a household where his father played a variety of material, including zouk, jazz, funk, and LatinX.

Throughout the EP As Is, we get to hear Najee’s vintage form of bar-casting that is in close proximity with Kendrick Lamar, Mos Def, and the cynical rawness of Keith Murray. Yet, Najee’s uniqueness shines even brighter. As Is certainly captures our attention as a 5-track effort of avant-garde beats that is fused into one track. This taste of hip-hop nostalgia will surely keep devotees of the genre yearning for more as Najee Janay stands above the rest with As Is.

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