Based out of Sydney, Australia, the creative ingenuity of The Insufferable Paul Scott has produced an exceptional EP titled Radio Station. Scott is often noted for his musical innovation, usually pushing the envelope to produce an amazing sonic experience. He received much acclaim for his 2019 release of the indie-pop album Surrender to Robots. Scott’s artistry continues to evolve as witnessed in his latest audible testimony of the extraordinary Radio Station.

Radio Station is a tremendous alternative-pop effort that delivers all the best in the way of melodies and song structure. However, another great attribute that makes Radio Station unique, is its sound quality. The listener cannot help but notice the superb sound quality of this production which works greatly in shaping Scott’s vision.

Radio Station makes a compelling start with its opening title track. This bass-driven groove awakens our metabolism with anticipation for what is next. The EP has a timeless and nostalgic sound that delightfully mimics rock’s classic era within a pop music soundscape. Each track offers a window into another world. The Collapse is a great example of how The Insufferable Paul Scott keeps the fun in music. Other tracks like Chasing Shadows unveils an introspective side to Scott’s musings. Radio Station by The Insufferable Paul Scott is truly a great contribution to the music world.


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