Based out of Arroyo Grande, the gifted and transformational musician Chris Beland has released a sizzling rock album titled What I Believe. Often noted for his Dylan-influenced lyricism and open-book instrumentation, Beland doesn’t cease to amaze music lovers with his creative guise.

What I Believe is a 10-track journey that keeps us intrigued from start to finish. As the album opens with the song “Where Is Georgia”. This is a smooth hummer with an upbeat rhythm and light-hearted lyricism, which perfectly sets the tone for what is to follow. Diving deeper into the waters of What I Believe we find that Beland’s inventive spark contributes greatly to the album’s continuity, as evident from tracks like “World” and “Stare at the Walls”. What I Believe is what I believe to be a perfect example of a musician’s love affair with the thing that he loves the most.


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