The dexterous charms of singer and songwriter Meghan Pulles proposes a new dimension of appreciation with her new song “Light After Loss” from the album Keep the Light On. Meghan is a passionate artist that creates music with the aims of both enjoyment and healing. Currently based out of New York City, the Floridian-born songstress is a classically trained opera singer and theater actress who transitioned into a singer-songwriter.  She believes that songwriting is “cathartic; an emotional band-aid to help heal, and to overcome past obstacles,” all of which add a tremendous amount of depth to her music as revealed in Light After Loss.

Meghan has put forth a spirited psalm of inspiration that is truly captivating. Light After Love is a soothing melody led by an organic amalgamation of acoustic guitar and voice. Meghan touches upon something that is as natural as hearing the birds sing in the morning. Light After Love praises the process of growth with an ameliorative rhythm that is wonderfully contagious and for that, we are all bound to spread this gift of love by saying thank you Meghan Pulles.



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