The multi-talented singer and songwriter Jo Potter has a reputation for making music that one can easily fall in love with. As an award-winning musician born in the United States, this Singapore-based artist has captivated audiences around the world. One thing that thing I really admire about Jo Potter is the beauty of her acoustic talent. Musically, she’s kind of like the girl next door that suddenly moved into a mansion overnight. This mistress of organic sound lacks nothing on her sophomore album, entitled, Saved.


Saved: Track by Track Review

Saved is a perfect example of Potter’s ability to gracefully weave a web of nostalgia around a listener’s ear with her voice and music. Produced by Potter, this 12-track treasure chest filled with musical gems can easily transport an audience from their living rooms to the recording studio.

The album opens with the title track Saved. Steered by Potter’s fabulous vocal performance, this acoustic guitar driven song blooms into a compelling force that is somewhat contemplative. Potter’s music procures an honest examination of how we feel about ourselves and our lives as we stare into a reflection of our hearts. This is a recurrent theme throughout the whole album and thus we have the title track, Saved.

Good follows next. This is a bright upbeat track that allows us to walk hand-in-hand with Potter on the sunniest of days. It’s a catchy tune with a hazy electric guitar in dialogue with some real popping drums and a fearless snare. Good describes all the things that we feel when love is so brand new.

In Time is one of the celebrity sparklers on the album. It’s a complete package of a melody with a sinister smile. The song has an acoustic guitar at its forefront with a perfect hook and bridge. While I find Jo Potter’s music to be in a class by itself, In Time is by definition pop music at its finest. Yet, Potter continues to be herself throughout the track and doesn’t sell out her sound for a gimmick. The lyrics are quite deep and standout against a fun melody, which basically describes a woman’s uncertainty in an ever-growing serious relationship.

When Things Go Wrong is another album favorite. It has a hint of that old-time soul music and a nice organ in the background. Potter really works with what musicians call “the free space of the track” with backing overdubs and a really cool bassline. When Things Go Wrong is quite cinematic in its approach. Visuals of going for a drive to find resolve easily come to mind. The other scenario is sitting at the table and staring across the bar flirtatiously at that special possibility. Bravo!

Give It To Me is a nice song with an acoustic lead and vocally appealing. Nature calls on this passionate plea to spend all night in an embrace with our lovers. Aren’t nights like these followed by beautiful Sunday mornings? Thus, we find the next track, So Beautiful, an appropriate offering. (Potter recorded two versions of the song, both appearing on the album.) The version that follows Give It To Me has a bit more fill and somewhat reflective.

So Into You is Potter’s tribute to the experience of being in love. This track carries the right taste of funk and an appropriate bassline for its definition. Listening to the album thus far, it is very apparent that Potter bares her soul on this album and is inspired by true life experiences. So Into You definitely stands out as one of Potter’s best.

Something is a brilliant tune that really shows off Potter’s vocal range. The melody is quite seductive and in some ways transcendental. Though the song begins with a woman’s “don’t touch me moment,” it turns out to be a song about desire.

Gravity follows a similar theme as Something with a bit of intentional uncertainty. Still, the next track on the album is an amazing piece and somewhat of a lounge tune. With distinct instrumentation, Potter is able to talk about what’s in her heart.

Potter’s realistic approach to life’s challenges, love, and just being ourselves is captivated in the song And Again. The track follows much of the acoustic brand formula delivered on the album as a whole, but listeners get a chance to talk with Potter one on one, or so it feels.

So Beautiful (Acoustic) is the final track on the album and the perfect ending to a romantic journey of Jo Potter. What is amazing about this song is that it feels that we are right in the room with Potter singing this lovely melody in our ears. The day never seemed so bright.

Overall, Saved stands as a witness to the brilliance of Jo Potter’s craftswomanship as a musician and singer. The gift she has given the world in song is undeniable. Thank you, Jo Potter, for Saved. I’m giving this album five out of five stars, a true masterpiece!


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