The multitalented singer and songwriter Charlie Christmas lights up the music world with a timely tune entitled Pandemic Drinking Song (Empty So Fast). The title clearly defines the theme of this lavish melody and Charlie Christmas deserves extra praise for this prolific offering. Based out of Los Angeles, Charlie Christmas represents a rare breed of the one-man-band multi-instrumentalist that plays every sonic bite on a song.

Pandemic Drinking Song (Empty So Fast) is a buttery country tune with a very rich soundscape. The track totes a fabulous organic melody that charms the listener from its opening. Although a great majority of drinking songs are draped in sadness and are somewhat bluesy, Charlie Christmas surprises us with a drinking song that is upbeat and in many ways heavenly. Led by intricate strums of acoustic guitar and a rich array of background instrumentation, Charlie Christmas puts the icing on the cake by delivering a top-notch vocal performance. Pandemic Drinking Song (Empty So Fast) is a great song that covers the theme of drinking during hard times with an uplifting view at heart.


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