I’ve been deeply impressed with the work of Paul Haas ever since discovering his euphoric brand of bluegrass and country-folk melody during my review of She Told Me. As a single parent, Haas’ musical endeavors to a backseat while he focused on the care of his family. Haas wrote songs for over 35 years at his bedside before releasing his first recording in 2019. Now as an elder of his craft in his mid-60’s, Haas has an abundance of music that he is releasing, which is proving to be more timely than ever, as we find is the case with his latest song Long Long Time.

As the title track of a masterful album, Long Long Time is a festive country tune that features a very distinct sound produced the crafty play of electric guitar and fiddle. Haas’ warm vocal tone and gracefully showers this meticulous rhythm. Long Long Time keeps the listener bewitched with a rousing break in the track that greatly adds to the continuity of the song. Long Long Time by Paul Haas is a musical gem for devotees of the traditional country music sound and beyond.


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