The multi-talented musician, producer, and rap artist Amir Beats unleashes a savory musical gem titled Got Em Throwin’ Dollars. Originally from Houston, Texas, Amir earned renown for his skills on the turntables during a time where he was known as DJ Coldblooded. During his youth, Amir taught himself how to play the piano. Later during his college years, he developed more as a producer. After dealing with some legal issues that cost him some years of his life, Amir has reemerged with a new catalog of music and a new sound.

Got Em Throwin Dollars is a fierce groove with a witty hook and smooth lyrics. This ear-grabber will surely have your undivided attention from the moment that the beat starts. Amir Beats rides this groove like water by incorporating a cinematic flow with easy-to-follow bars. Got Em Throwin Dollars is about a stripper/lap dancer’s hustle. It’s an exceptional rap song crafted by Amir Beats’ cinematic flow. The track has a really cool animated music video that strengthens the song’s vision.


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