The Jorgensens rich musical sounds come to life once again in the magical tune titled “Voo Doo” from the album The Lexington Stretch. I got to learn more about the music of The Jorgensens in my review of their song Storyville. Brianna and Kurt Jorgensen are not only a beautiful compliment to each other musically, but set a precedent by their union and it is through such romanticism have the group founded a surreal collection of musical revelation and valor.

Voo Doo is layered with New Orleans symbolism that is eloquently expounded upon in the song’s lyricism, where we get to hear references to places like Lake Pontchartrain and Congo Square. The cavern-laden rhythm imbues a priceless aroma of acoustic guitar strums, violin, and a warm bass flavor.  Voo Doo’s seductive music video is a further testimony of the band’s Americana edge. Voo Doo is both a delightful and equally magical musical experience.




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