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Confía (feat. Vicentico) by Gepe


Chilean artist Gepe continues to ignite the music world with his latest single Confía (English: Trust), which features the vocal expertise of the legendary Vicentico, who is often noted for his work with Los Fabulosos Cadillacs band. Confía brandishes a rich flavor of traditional Latin music, which includes vibrant strums of classical guitar and an intrinsic and warm bassline that really makes this song an instant favorite for admirers of an organic sound. Gepe says: “musically it has a lot of Cuban and Central American influence, as well as a milonga reference on the guitar. It also has a Latin beat arrangement, Orisha style, inspired by Latin hip-hop of the nineties”.  Confía was also worked on by a two-time Grammy winner for Producer of the Year, Cachorro López.

Another amazing feature of Confía is its music video. Directed by Esteban Bustos, the music video features a colorful array of images that are apprehensible noting the song’s theme of a man wooing the potential love of his life to trust (Confía) in his honorable intent. This real-to-life romanticism sparkles like a melodious gem in a world where fear has imprisoned entire nations, but Gepe and Vinetico remind us that love is where true freedom lies – Confía.

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