When it comes to musical veterans, it doesn’t get better than The Jorgensens. Their artistic careers are an outstanding testimony of the fruitage that comes with having a good work ethic coupled with raw talent. For The Jorgensens, it is a matter of being in love with what you are doing, so much so that you put the time in care in the creation of beautiful music. The group’s formation and how they fell in love with each other is a story for the ages, which can be found on their website.

The Jorgensens have a perfected sound that can best be described as “Americana Soul”. Their recent single entitled Storyville is a great organic charmer. Storyville is an acoustic oasis that turns out to be a fusion of blues, folk, rock, and soul. It’s an easy and memorable groove that gives praise to Storyville, New Orleans. Written by Kurt Jorgensen, the band has put forth a winner with Storyville.

Kurt Jorgensen has an amazing soulful as he rides Storyville’s melody like a podium of expression. Brianna’s backup vocals and match harmonies add an enthralling dynamic to this wonderful composition. Storyville also has an amazing music video that greatly enhances many of the concepts expressed in the song.


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