Currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia, the New Orleans-born Monetia Smothers aka ‘Monetia the Model’ is a sterling example of how far ambition can take you. Monetia Smothers is a model, award-nominated actress, TV personality spokesmodel, brand ambassador, and talk show host. The path to stardom for Monetia the Model wasn’t an easy road. She is the youngest among her six siblings and grew up with both parents in the household and a father who was a minister.

After having to struggle with certain medical conditions and issues of self-confidence, Monetia focused on her career as a model and becoming a force for inspiration. In 2018, she was crowned Ms. Full Figure Georgia. Monetia would later make several film and tv appearances, which includes include The Staff (2019) as Dynasty (February 2019), B.E.T. Tales Moonlight (March 2019), and BET+ Bigger (2019). Later in 2019, she was nominated for Best Actress and Best Brand Ambassador, Best Full-Figured Model, and Best Show/Event Host at Atlanta’s Hottest Entertainment Awards.

Currently, Monetia the Model is getting her team together to meet her greatest goal of having her own tv show with the central theme of teaching casting models on how to be role models. Monetia Smothers is truly ahead of her time with so much to offer to the world community. She is now the official model recruiter for HOT NOIZE worldwide, Salute!

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