The Jorgensens make a stirring statement in their new offering titled In The Dark. The song and video describe much of today’s social climate and the struggles against the surge in police brutality, racism, and governmental corruption. Musically, In The Dark represents a departure from The Jorgensens usual song structure that is often implemented by the group. This daring tune has a delightful sonic backdrop and free-spirited, but driving Americana sound heralded by its brisk instrumentation of violin, acoustic guitar, and other symphonic delights. Vocally, both Brianna and Kurt give an amazing performance. In The Dark is as good as it gets.

The theme for In The Dark is further explored by its music video. Imagery from live protests and protest slogans and signs are wonderfully weaved into footage of The Jorgensens. What is great about all of this is the diversity seen in the music video for In The Dark and its message of love and hope. In The Dark by The Jorgensens is truly a wonderful song.



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