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Ella Blue’s New Song “One” Is A Masterpiece


Originally from Michigan and currently based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, singer and songwriter Ella Blue lights up the music world once again with her tantalizing new single titled One. The free-spirited guitarist is carving a dimension for herself in the world of music with an organic and vivid taste for melody. Ella Blue has crafted a treasured and evolving folk-rock musical catalog shaped by everyday realities and the struggles to live as free individuals in our own minds.

One opens up at the crossroads of an enchanting acoustic guitar solo that acts as a moving sonic platform for Ella’s heavenly vocal performance. One’s sleek instrumentation is further enhanced by the conversing of electric guitar and passionate drumming. This fervent songstress takes us into her world and introduces the listener to a place where vulnerability is the only admission. But in the end, One is a masterful song and a strong reminder us that our prosperity lies within traveling upon the “long road” to reach our inner solidarity.