Formerly known as Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer, the veteran producer and rap artist has reinvented himself as  Flippin’ Gothic Fabp. Still, the working ambassador of X-Calade Promotionz, Flippin Gothic Fabp has sorted out another fabulous serving of music with his new album titled Real 2 Reel.

Throughout his career of independent music, Flippin’ Gothic Fabp is often noted for giving his audience more on the musical selection plate, as we find is the case with Real 2 Real, which is a 15-track effort. The album begins with the grandiose Stages of a Name, a track that appropriately discusses the power of his name and its transformative power. Songs like Crystal Flossing unveil his new productive style, which still possesses deep filtered basslines, but is fused with a more exotic array of instrumentation. Delightfully we find, however, that Fabp still totes his love for the ladies. Real 2 Real by Flippin’ Gothic Fabp is not only a great album but illustrates Fabp’s love for music and his role as a producer.

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