Straight from New York City, Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer known as the “ambassador of original styles” returns to the music scene with a new album entitled Classical Rap @TheRealFabp. The legendary producer and hip-hop vocalist is known for his unorthodox cadence and reggae-rap fused production skills. I had the honor of interviewing Fabp aka Fabpz the Freelancer back in September of 2018 to the delight of many of our regular readers.

Classical Rap @TheRealFabp is one of Fab’s best offerings to date. The album is comprised of twelve bangin tracks. Devotees of Fapb will find Classical Rap @TheRealFabp intensely-rugged sound much different from his previous material. The tracks on this new project perfectly compliment his vocal style. Basically, Fabp keeps it nostalgic with traditional urban beats that are chunky like those found in hip hop’s classic era without sounding dated. Of course, we get the braggadocios side of Fabp and the endless ladies’ talk. Tracks like Goin Nuts and Girl I’m Pursuing are perfect examples of Fabp’s varied genius exemplified vocally alongside deep elements of bass for continual rawness. The beauty of it all is that Fabp’s only option is what we hear before us today, which is what makes Fabp a legend of his game.

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